To halt and reverse the prevalence of HIV among the brothel and non brothel based female Sex Worker (FSW) population and to provide quality health services for their sexual health needs in six block of Jalgaon district.

Aadhar initiated the programme on STD/HIV/AIDs with the support of Maharashtra state AIDs control society since 2003 the programme focus  on prevention and control of STI HIV/AIDs incidences among Brothel, on brothel and home base female Sex worker form(Amalner ,Chopda,Parola,Dharangaon and Pechora).

Block of Jalgaon district. In above 600 hundred FSWs covering the project.

The project is implementing through the active participant of target community.10 peer educator which are from community work in the project PE and FSW could develop self confidence and self image and as there networking got strengthen they started Community base organization (CBOs) name Hardasi Swadhar Vikas Mahila Sanstha(HSMVS)


  Goal of the Project 

  • Registration (enrollment in the project)
  • Behavior change communication session
  • Focus group discussion
  • Counseling for HIV –STI and other personal discus. (Testing each twice in a year of HIV.Regular check up quarterly of each FSW )
  • Regular check up, Treatment and prevention care for STI (Sexually transmitted disease)
  • Free distribution and social marketing condom distribution.
  • Care and support services for the women living with HIV.


Other Activity

  • Started daily saving scheme for increasing saving habit among them.
  • Running drop in centre for the FSW and their Children
  • Enrollment of FSW children in school
  • Register their name in voter list
  • Apply for ration card. (Public Distribution System)


Achievements of (2011-2012)

 Family Counseling Centre


The Indian Family was traditionally and extended family the earning and non earning member lived together   in mutual support and provided shelter and substances to the young and old members of the family. However the traditional family system is breaking down due to many problems.

The stress and strain of modern life is resulting in the failure of several marriages due to various reasons. The main problems are domestic violence, alcoholisms, maladjustment of partner, dowry demand. Interferences of in-lows due to these problems the family support and marriage counseling services are very much essential at this need of the hours.

 With the assistant of central social Welfare board (Central Govt.Board) started the programme of family counseling centre in response to the rising trend of domestic violence and dowry problem.

Through the counseling centre addresses a genuine need of society organization run the centre from 2000.


Fallowing services are provided under FCC

  • Individual and group counseling by professional counselors.
  • Solve the problem by mutual concern.
  • Legal, physical and social counseling.
  • Legal and police Aid as per requirement of client.
  • Referral to various govt. and non Govt.services and scheme.


Achievement of Centre

 Special Cell for Women and Children


In SP office-Jalgaon

The Special cell for Women and Children is joint programme of the department of Women and child development, Home department,( police and the Adhar Bahuddeshiya Sanstha,Amalner,Dist-Jalgaon.[NGO])the location of the cell in the police superintendent office in Jalgaon to work on the issue of violence against women and children. The special cell undertakes its work within the Indian constitution and work toward ensuring that women are recognized as individual with equal rights and opportunity in society. Including the opportunity to leave peaceful violence free life. 

The special cell esp. located within the police system to work with the understanding that violence against women is the crime against both her and society. Major rule of the cell is to prevent protect and counter it.

Appoint and suitable and trained social workers for intervention they are trained and orient for the work on violence against women as a person with right and entitlement and enable her to gain access to these though the problem solving process. She is empowered through the problem solving process which validates her experience.


Counseling for rebuilding violated women self esteem self worth and dignity.

  • After immediate services in cases of family violence and atrocities against women.
  • Give police assistance.
  • Placement in institution as per need of the Clint.
  • Referral to medical, psychiatric educational and vocational services.
  • Legal aid.
  • Be a liaison between police and organization for women and children.


Achievements of (2011-2012)







FSW (Female Sex Worker) Registered  



FSW tested for HIV (Twice in a year ) 



Regular Health check up of FSW 



Day care centre



Daily saving



Small saving group






Provided Ration to FSW



Drop in Center



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