(Prevention parent to child transmission of HIV)

     There are four mode of HIV transmission one of them is HIV transfer from mother to child during pregnancy or delivery to prevent these transmissions in Jalgaon district organization implementing PPTCT (Prevention parent to child transmission of HIV) project since 2007.for reach out the ANC   mother in urban and rural area in the district .25 Female outreach worker (ORW) are appointed. The project is supported by National AIDs Control Society (Govt.of India) through-IL&FS education, New Delhi.


           The objective of this partnership to prevent HIV transmission and mitigate the impact of HIV by expending access to testing counseling and prevention of parent to child transmission services. Strengthening entire program linkages specially HIV and TB collaboration and integrating HIV services.


  Various activities Conducted under project.


  • Tracking and Counseling of ANC Mother for HIV Testing.
  • Tracking and reporting number & percentage of HIV indicted per pregnant women and their babies receiving a complete course of ARV prophylaxis to reduce the risk of MTCT (Mother to Child transmition).
  • Tracking and reporting number percentage of infant born to HIV infected women. Who received HIV test within Two months of birth.
  • Follow up the mother baby pair till 18 months after delivery
  • Make home Visit and imparting Knowledge on immunization infant feeding as well as HIV testing for baby
  • Follow up HIV positive women so as to ensures institutional delivery & antiretroviral (ARV)

Prophylaxis to both mother and baby.

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Over the last thirteen years Adhar has recognized NGO working for women child health and other issues of social concern.Adhar is successfully implemented various projects, programs and activity. This programme includes outreach activities indoor and outdo"

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