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            The Indian Family was traditionally and extended family the earning and non earning member lived together   in mutual support and provided shelter and substances to the young and old members of the family. However the traditional family system is breaking down due to many problems.


              The stress and strain of modern life is resulting in the failure of several marriages due to various reasons. The main problems are domestic violence, alcoholisms, maladjustment of partner, dowry demand. Interferences of in-lows due to these problems the family support and marriage counseling services are very much essential at this need of the hours.


              With the assistant of central social Welfare board (Central Govt. Board) started the program of family counseling centre in response to the rising trend of domestic violence and dowry problem.


              Through the counseling centre addresses a genuine need of society. So fulfilling the need of the families in the district organization run the centre from 2000.

              To counseling the families and individual through the centre also organized so many awareness generation program on various issue like campaign of Female feticide, Legal awareness in rural area. Poster exhibition on the various issues, celibretion of World Women day, National Balika din.  



 Following services are provided under FCC

  • Individual and group counseling by professional counselors.
  • Solve the problem by mutual concern.
  • Legal, physical and social counseling.
  • Legal and police Aid as per requirement of client.
  • Referral to various govt. and non Govt.services and scheme.


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Over the last thirteen years Adhar has recognized NGO working for women child health and other issues of social concern.Adhar is successfully implemented various projects, programs and activity. This programme includes outreach activities indoor and outdo"

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